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Auriel offers Holistic and Wellness Offerings for women which blend wisdom, embodied movement and holistic practices and medicine to support and nurture women.   

The vision for Auriel is to create more spaces where women can receive nurture and support through exploring wisdom offerings, embodying feminine practices and connecting with like-minded women.  

Michelle Drury, founder of Auriel, believes that women are not designed to be constantly on the go and that women need time to restore and rest due to the nature of our 28-day cycle. This cycle generally reflects four seasons - birthing, creating, release and rest. Often in society, value is too heavily placed on the “doing” mode but not on the “being” mode. This latter aspect of ‘Being’ which is equally important, if not in certain times of our cycle more important, as the ‘Doing’ mode to allow women to maintain their vitality and wellbeing. Michelle has experienced first hand that where the seasons are not honoured, burnout and exhaustion can occur which can in turn effect a women’s health and wellbeing and disconnect her from her vital creative and nourishing feminine energy – the energy behind all of creation. 

Auriel's vision is to create time and space for women to honour all of their seasons and in particular to honour the release and rest seasons. To give permission and space to women to restore and reset and to receive nurture and support through the holistic and wellness offerings.


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