Auriel Yoga offers a range of online yoga classes, including beginners, vinyasa flow,  core flow, restorative yoga, yoga nidra and meditation, pregnany yoga and yin yoga.


All classes have moved online using the Zoom platform. All you need to set up is a laptop, zoom, a yoga mat and space at home!

Auriel Yoga's vision is to provide a space for everyone to practice yoga, no matter what age or stage of life you are at.

Auriel Yoga believes that everyone can benefit from yoga. In today's world we are constantly being pulled from one demand to another, rarely getting a chance to disconnect from our busy lives and slow down to take the time to  connect to our bodies, slow down our minds and nourish ourselves.

Given the recent stress in our socieity from the recent outbreak of the Covid 19 virus, Auriel Yoga believes we need yoga and meditation offerings more than ever. We have moved online to continue to provide these offerings to as many people as possible.

Due to the stress and fear this outbreak has raised within us, this can trigger the nervous system to enter "fight or flight" mode which can suppress and turn off our immune system which we need turned on and well more than ever.


.Yoga and meditaiton can provide the space to counter the effects of this stress and fear through practising the physical postures, breathing exercises and relaxation at the end of class and also an opportunity to disconnect and nourish ourselves.


This is because through yoga and meditation, we activiate the rest and digest side of the nervous system which can counteract the effects of the fight or flight mode (the opposite side) and boost our immunity and overall health, energy and vitality allowing us to be in a stronger and better position to cope with whatever may arise in our external world.

It is just about taking that first step towards booking a class and seeing for yourself how yoga can bring about positive changes in the body and mind.

Book your first class online today!