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My name is Bailey and I am a lifelong healer and spiritual junky! I have always had a strong calling to help others. I first followed this calling by becoming a registered nurse and then a nurse practitioner. While I loved caring for people, especially the babies I used to work with in the hospital,


I found my medical training lacking as it only promoted "a pill for an ill". There was no talk of healing the mind or what we did to/put into our bodies. That led me to develop a keen interest in nutrition and eventually to yoga. Yoga was my "gateway drug" into all things spiritual and opened the doors for my spiritual journey. I became a certified yoga instructor and then specialized in women's and prenatal yoga.  I loved yoga, but this turned out to be another step on my path. I


was at a yoga retreat in the mystical Cooley Mountains north of Dublin when Reiki first came into my life. It was love at first experience. I say, experience because Reiki is not something our language can truly articulate. Reiki is a deeply individual, multi-sensory experience for the recipient. I became fascinated with what I had felt. I quickly starting my training and eventually became a Usui Reiki Master and then trained as a Medical Reiki Master and Angelic Reiki Master.


What I love so much about becoming a Reiki practitioner is that it allows me to blend the knowledge I gained through my time as a nurse with my spiritual training to provide my clients with a well-rounded approach to healing. Reiki has transformed my life in the most positive way and I love to share the gift of Reiki with others. 

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