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Dates Sunday, June,30, July , July 14 and 21 July

Time: 11am to 12pm

Venue: Auriel Yoga, Sandymount, D4


Chakra Balance is a nourishing self care course designed to balance the engery wheels (chakras) in the body.

If you're feeling off balance with low energy, this is the workshop for you. We will be focusing on opening up your chakras (energy centres) by using different yoga poses along with meditative music and singing bowls.

Singing bowls are also known as healing bowls and Tibetan bowls. Budhast's have been using the singing bowls for centuries. They are found to be of benefit to stress reduction and pain relief when used with deep breathing

Investment: €65e for 4 week course. Space is limited so this will be an intimate setting for 8. Drop in Rate is €18e.

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