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Luana is a qualified physiotherapist, yoga teacher and reiki master.


She started her yoga journey in India, at the first Yoga Institute founded in the world. Yoga became more than just a practice; it  became a lifestyle and priority in her life.


It has been 6 years since she has started teaching yoga and she knows that it’s an endless road and there is so much to learn and discover about this philosophy.


She has students from all over the world and from different levels and ages.

Shehas taught classes in Brazil, United States, Portugal and Ireland.


Her goal is to share the benefits of yoga with everyone, helping people to find connection within themselves and discovering who they truly are.


She truly believes that if we all connect to ourselves, listen to our hearts and practice love and kindness, we can transform our planet.


Her classes are based on the traditional yoga practice, with asanas, pranayamas and meditation. She helps people getting deeper into their practice, attending to all different levels of students.


She considers herself an eternal student and she feels extremely grateful for being able to pass this knowledge to each student in her class.

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