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Derval has been practising yoga for over 20 years.  Initially Derval was advised to practice yoga to help with a long term back problem. After a couple of classes, Derval found the immediate beneficial effects of yoga on both her body and mind and that yoga helped to relieve the symptoms of her back pain.. Derval quickly realised she had found her passion that she wanted to share with others.

Derval is a yoga teacher qualified at the Advanced 500-hour level and has trained in studios in San Francisco, London and Dublin. She is currently a teacher in training in Mindfulness (MBSR - Mindfulness Based Stress Reduction).  With these skills her desire is to share the importance of mind, body, breath and how they are interconnected. Her aim as a teacher is to guide her students through safe alignment in postures emphasising the many benefits, both physical and mental, towards an overall sense of well-being and a balance between energy and relaxation.


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