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In this 3-week course we will explore what the Divine Feminine means and how to work with our own Divine Feminine (a/ka/ Sacred Feminine) nature.


Modules will include meditation, pranayama and mantra for balancing our sacred feminine and masculine energies (a/k/a Yin and Yang or Ida and Pingala); an introduction to tantra and how to work with goddess energies; how to find empowerment through understanding our menstrual cycle (or past cycle if you are no longer menstruating); and how creativity, inspiration and self love are innately connected to our Divine Feminine nature and uplifting of the Divine Feminine Collective.


You will leave the course with practical knowledge and tools for how to continue nurturing your Sacred Feminine side. This type of deep work on the Self can change your life forever.


Dates: 22 Feb, 7 & 28 March

Time: 2-5pm

Investment: EUR105

To book contact Mandalei Kuhn or call 0831895506

Depending on availability, drop-in options available for those who cannot commit to the full course. Investment: 40 euros per module.



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