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Elemental Flow classes incorporate the elements of nature into our practice (water, earth, fire and air). When we slow down and engage with nature we observe the same ebb and flow that our lives as individuals take.


Our own practices can take these fluctuations also, finding the time to practice regularly can be a challenge at times. Immersive experiences can help to rekindle an inner awareness that we all seek from time to time. The simple purpose of slowing down and ‘being’ amongst the elements and finding that inner stillness and simplicity is a wonderful place to start. 

We will work at tapping into our spiritual energy to ground, centre, balance and calm the body and mind allowing us to withstand the changing nature of our lives through incorporating the natural elements into our practice.

We will also weave a restorative and/or a yin pose into the class to allow the body open deeper and absorb the energy cultivated from our flow. These poses are generally held for longer to open into the connective tissue (where we tend to carry tension and tightness) and also allows ourselves to soothe our nervous systems to bring us back into balance.


A relaxation is included at the end of class designed to bring the body into a calm and peaceful state. This allows time to absorb and integrate the benefits of the practice. This rest also aims to stimulate the parasympathetic nervous system (rest and digest) to counter effects of stress in the body and mind.


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