Emily Lane is a women's empowerment mentor, consciousness teacher and self-leadership facilitator. The Women's Wisdom Circle is designed to create a Sanctuary for the Feminine, helping women to rest and replenish in a safe space so that they can reconnect to themselves, to each other and to Life Itself.


Emily is an Associate at Empowered Women Consulting, a member of the Leadership Team at Corporate Wellness Ireland, Founding Partner of the Conscious Business World Summit and former host of the world's largest Mindfulness in Business Conference, Wisdom 2.0.  


Her work has reached leaders and employees from top tier organisations including LinkedIn, IBM, Accenture, the Central Bank, Qualtrics, Google and Facebook, as well as tens of thousands of individuals from over 20 countries globally.  


Her signature style is fun, engaging and high energy while also flowing into spaciousness, creativity and spontaneity, thereby balancing both masculine and feminine energies.  Her website it www.emilylane.tv.