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Wednesday, 22nd September, 7.30pm-9pm.



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 In Her Heart with Louise Waters and Bailey Barbour,

The Heart Chakra is the Centre point between the lower and higher chakras in the body and is the source of our compassion, love, joy, generosity and kindness. At times, we can build walls and barriers around the heart to protect ourselves which can close off the heart energies, which are our true nature.

Louise Waters will guide us through a deeply restoring and nurturing yoga practice which will be designed to soften and open the places around the heart chakra to allow us time and space to re-awaken and connect to the soft energies of our hearts. Bailey Barbour will close this practice by offering a group Reiki healing (an energy healing) which will focus on fully integrating the energies cultivated from our restorative yoga practice into our hearts and beyond.


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