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Wednesday, 15th September, 7.30pm-9pm.




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In Her Power with Lou Horgan

Throughout the practice Lou will guide to the seat of assimilation, action and autonomy, the cauldron of transformational fire. Just as the digestive fire assimilates the nutrition from our food the metaphysical solar fire assimilates the nutrition from our energy centres pulsing into it from beneath and above. 


As Lou so well describes it: The energy of the solar plexus, in the yoga tradition forms distinct fires depending on practice and intention. One of the most necessary “fires” for growth in consciousness is the Buta Agni. The maps of old never charted the natural sparking of this energy in women through their rights of passage. What was written were the rights of men. I ask you now to consider what practices relate to our transformational fire? Is the sparking of Buti Agni present to us by virtue of paying attention the the alchemical processes that occur for us all naturally? 


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