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Wednesday, 1st September, 7.30pm-9pm.




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In Her Roots with Mari Kennedy

This offering will start with a talk with Mari Kennedy on the power of rooting oursleves in our body, our breath and our depths to cultivate a grounded steadiness from where we can rise and expand with ease and joy into our juicy potency and potential.  Mari will then guide us through a supportive and rooted yoga practice with attention on legs and hips to allow us to connect and ground into our legs and pelvis, a part of our body we are often disconnected from in yoga and in life.

The class is designed to anchor and ground you into your deep feminine, into the body and breath to grow your capacity to stay rooted and centred in yourself as we navigate this time of profound transformation on the planet. Mari will close the practice by offering a short grounding meditation to seal the energies of the practice. 

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