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Wednesday, 8th September, 7.30pm-9pm.



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In Her Sensuality with Kitty Maguire and Phoebe Higson

The Irish Sensuality Queen, Kitty Maguire will offer her deep wisdom on how we can explore a connection to our Sacral Chakra and embody the energies that flow from that place (creative, intuitive and sensual energies) to re-awaken and ignite the power of our divine feminine energy, the source of all life.  As women, we can lose connection to this place and our inner depths of sensuality, intuition and wildness because of the over masculinated nature of the world in which we live where there tends to place more value on outward action than inner connection to our feminine depths.


The wonderful Phoebe Higson will then ​guide us through an embodied sacred yoga practice to integrate the wisdom from the talk into our bodies, which will be designed to connect us deeply to our Sacral Chakra, our pelvis and womb spaces to awaken and embody our divine feminine creative, sensual, wild and intuitive energy.


Recordings will be sent after the class for you to enjoy the practice time and time again! 

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