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Wednesday, 29th September, 7.30pm-9pm.



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 In Her Truth with Sharon NiCuilibin

In this offering, Sharon will gently guide us through a powerful practice of Kundalini Yoga using breath, postures, physical exercises and visualisation to help move the energy within and to cleanse and open the throat chakra. We will also share special mediation practices using sound as mantra – chanting in this way can help us to perceive the truth of who we are as we attune to the subtle essence of our life force. 

The throat chakra is located at our throat and associated speaking our truth, with forgiveness and the subtle energies of ether.  This chakra is considered to be one of the most powerful to work with to effect change in our lives as all of life is composed of vibrations and we create through our words. Gross and dense emotions and negativity literally brings us down, and when we experience a block at our throat chakra this also holds us back in our lives.

Through the practice of Kundalini Yoga & Meditation, we can allow our authentic voices to emerge from any false identities we may have taken on, consciously or unconsciously. We can release tension and blocks that may prevent us from speaking our truth. Through opening and clearing our throat chakra we can begin to connect to our hearts and sing the song of our souls.

The words that we say, even quietly to ourselves, have a deep effect on our wellbeing. We can learn to choose positive vibrations and uplifting words and thoughts to refine and purify the energy within us.


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