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Lucybloom found Yoga many years ago while living a hectic lifestyle in London. After years as a make-up artist in both the fashion industry as well as tv and film, spending so much time focusing on the exterior she decided to shift that focus inward. She left Ireland to spend some time in India and trained as a Yoga Teacher.


Her classes are an exercise in balance; building strength and heat in the body while learning to do so with softness. A firm believer in the sacred lineage of the practice, she stays true to what she believes to be a yoga practice - which is not asana alone; she weaves many traditional practices through her vinyasa classes including Kriya, Breathwork and Mantra.

Her style of teaching is heavily influenced by her own practice, rooted in tantric hatha yoga. Her classes use the breath as a focus to leave the overactive mind and drop into the body, encouraging you to seek your own truth beneath the chatter and influence of the mind.


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