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Nicola is a yoga teacher, chartered psychologist, and mother. Her passion in life is a desire to help people self-heal and to ultimately connect with their most authentic self through self-compassion. 


She has observed in her psychotherapy work with people and through her own experience, the various challenges that can surface within a person’s physical body and within their mental health when the mind and body become disconnected from one another.  


She has spent 25 years exploring different therapies, meditation practices and yoga disciplines. One of her favourites is her yoga practice which she began in 2005. She learned quickly that yoga was the most effective way to help the mind and body to connect thus encouraging a state of inner peace. She completed her 200 hour teacher training with the Yoga Hub in 2017 and she is currently completing her 300 hour advanced teacher training with the Elbowroom. She has also trained in reiki to level 2.  


Nicola aims to teach with compassion and while her classes are strong, she encourages you to nurture an attitude of kindness towards your body.  Her yoga classes incorporate flow sequences for strengthening the body, releasing fascia, and deepening breath awareness. Her typical class is at first slow and meditative, building in pace to generate an internal heat to help move energy and finally, slowing down to absorb the benefits in a long savasan

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