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I first practiced yoga while travelling Australia not thinking that Yoga can actually be strenuous or that it would do anything for me. How wrong was I! 


Driven by the love for running, cycling, swimming and all sorts of other outdoor sports I wanted to make other people see and feel the benefits yoga can bring to active men and women, not only physically but also mentally. The mindfulness aspect during classes I found highly intriguing.


I decided to become a Yoga Teacher in 2013 and I completed a 200hr Yoga Teacher Training in the YTTC Crown Centre in Ranelagh.


My classes are usually strong yet slow enough and easy to follow, challenging yet calming, demanding yet fun filled and nurturing at the same time treating students to a gentle, rejuvenating and mind-calming with a long relaxation at the end using essential oils. I believe that an asana should adapt to suit the body instead of the body adapting to suit the asana therefore I try to keep my classes as individual as I can and suit it to the type people and moods that are in the room that day.


Latest additions to my trainings are children’s yoga classes in my repertoire as well as pregnancy yoga teaching since 2018. Reason for latter being my own experience of pregnancy without which I never felt prepared to teach authentically and empathetically in this specific area. Pregnancy is such a special and delicate time in a woman’s life.


Self-love and selfcare are the most important components here and if successfully integrated it can be felt by and spread to the unborn life you are creating. It’s such a miracle that’s happening. Pregnancy taught me to listen in deeper, to slow down and become even more aware, which I hope to be emanating in these classes at the moment.


Yoga is great for every life situation and slowing down does not mean being weak, it’s more so a strength and unique ability helping you during this time, child birth and parenthood.

Everybody can take something away from a class and maybe like myself become calmer, happier, more attuned and focused.  A huge plus of a side effect is the fantastic sleep and reduced stress that people experience after practicing yoga. I look forward to providing a space to as many people as possible to experience the many benefits of yoga!


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