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Phoebe was first introduced to yoga whilst at drama school and it was love at first flow. Inspired by the positive affects it had on her both mentally and physically, it became a crucial part of her life and it wasn't long before she decided she wanted to teach, so as to share this joy. She trained in Frog and Lotus Vinyasa Flow, and her classes are playful and creative, with a strong emphasis on breath-work, alignment and adjustments.

Phoebe has been teaching yoga for a number of years and brings into her class a variety of unique vinyasa flow sequences with a fresh, and energetic approach.

Phoebe also teaches childrens' yoga and has worked with children for over ten a tutor, an acting coach and a yoga teacher.


Working with children is Phoebe's passion and really she is just a giant child at heart. Recently she has channeled her energies into teaching yoga, as she thinks it is a vital tool for helping children manage their stress levels and interpreting their emotions. Equally we can learn a lot from children in their playful approach to yoga. 


Phoebe looks forward to sharing her passion of teaching to as many people as possible to help them gain the benefits of yoga. 



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