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Pilates was designed to strengthen, lengthen and tone your body. Focusing on core muscles, breathing and controlled movement, Pilates will improve posture, proprioception and core strength. The central concept of Pilates is strengthening the core of the body, the deep abdominal muscles, buttock muscles and the muscles around the spine.

Pilates is proven to increase strength, flexibility and muscle tone, alleviate or eliminate back pain, improve athletic performance, and aid in recovery from injury.

This course will run for four weeks and bookings in advance are essential as the class will be limited to eight people.

Starting: Wednesday, 3rd November

Times: 10-11am, 1-2pm and 6.15-7.15pm


To book contact Susan O'Neill ( or call 0858334275


info@neuromuscular.ie085 812 3469

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