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Shakti Morning Flow

September 12, 2020

When: Sunday, 13th September @ 10.30am-12

Where: Sandymount Beach (Martello Tower)

Investment: Eur22 (with Vegan Breakfast included)

Join Michelle and Sarah for a shakti yoga morning with breakfast afterwards enjoying the fresh sea breeze on Sandymount beach. 


Shakti yoga is designed to instantly connect you with the wild intuitive feminine goddess within you. Shakti is the divine feminine energy in yoga. In sanskrit it translates to creative energy. 


Mindfulness is an integral part of the shakti practice. It enables us to connect to the softness within and make room for our deepest needs to arise. 

Michelle will open the circle and lead us through a grounding pranayama (breathing) and meditation practice to focus our energies and clear our nadis (our energy centres in the body).

We will work on increasing our creative power, sacral chakra energy and vitality through a juicy feminine flow practice with Sarah - paying much needed attention to the lower body and the hips. 


After the practice there will be a vegan breakfast provided.


Come exactly as you are - all levels welcome. 

Please bring your own mat and a journal and pen. 

Mats will be placed 2 metres apart to adhere to social distancing standards. 

Emodying the Feminine: Wisdom Offering with Emily Lane

August 08, 2020

When: Sunday, 9th August, 8-8.45pm

Investment: Eur10

Join the wonderful Emily Lane offer her wisdom and deep insights on how we can embody the feminine to self nurture ourselves in challenging times. Emily will offer her wisdom and guidance on how we can allow ourselves the time and space to connect to our feminine energy, the principles of the feminine energy and how we can integrate this energy into our lives to help us as we enter into our "new normal".

Emily will also lead us in a guided meditation to embody our feminine energy that can often be neglected in our masculine oriented society. A recording of this meditation will be available to all after the wisdom offering.

There will also be time for Emily to answer questions you may have about the talk. Bookings can be made through the bookings page by clicking the button below.

Beach Morning Flow

August 01, 2020

When: Sunday, 2nd August @11am - 12.

Where: Sandymount Beach (Martello Tower)

Investment: Eur15

Join Michelle for an invigorating Vinyasa Flow practice on Sandymount beach to celebrate the festival Lughnasa (the Gaelic festival marking the beginning of the harvest season). The practice will include a grounding breathing practice to begin where we will allow time and space to arrive on our mats. We will then move through a Vinyasa flow sequence that will focus on creating strength and stability in the legs to support the body and mind. We will close our practice with some gentle stretches to open and create space in the body and seal the energies of our practice with a short guided Yoga Nidra (relaxation).

All levels welcome. Please bring your own mat. Mats will be set two metres apart in line with social distancing standards.

Summer Solstice Flow

June 20, 2020

When: Sunday, 11.15am-12.15pm

Investment: Eur8

Join Michelle for a morning Summer Solstice flow to harness the energy and power of the highest, brightest and strongest point of the sun in our Cetlic Wheel. The flow sequence will include a variety of energising and invigorating flow sequences which will focus on activating our solar plexus to integrate the energies of the Summer Solstice in the body, mind and soul.

The class will also create space to set and anchor intentions and we will also explore the meaning and relevance of the Summer Solstice at the start of the practice. We will seal the practice with a guided relaxation to allow the benefits of the practice integrate fully. All profits will be donated in aid of the Simon Community.

Remaining Steady amidst Uncertainty and Change

June 06, 2020

When: 7th June @7-7.45pm

Investment: Eur8

The wonderful Niamh Gallagher will share with us her deep wisdom and insights on how we can remain steady amidst uncertainty and change. As a collective, we are facing uncertain times ahead and change is inevitable. More than ever, it will be important for us to understand how we can find internal resources to face these times without loosing our ground by cultivating an internal steadiness.

The core of this talk will explore how we can stand our ground, cultivate an internal steadiness and allow change to expand us rather than constrict us. As Niamh very beautifully describes it: "Steadiness comes from not clinging on to the old but by finding the core truth within you that never changes, no matter what is happening around you. Change of any kind is an opportunity to grow your sense of who you are and what you truly want in your life".

Rooted Resilience (Four Weeks) (Online Course)

May 23, 2020

Self Care - Nourishing Resilience and building Stronger Foundations

Times: Sundays, 10-11am

Dates: Sunday 24th May, 31st May, 7th June and 14th June

Investment: Eur32

Join Simrit Kaur ( Sharon Ni Chuilibin) for early morning Sunday class sharing the transformational energy and teachings of Kundalini Yoga to meet the challenges of our time.

In this four week course we will continue to build our inner resilience working on the systems of our body and mind to deepen foundations to be able to cope with the challenges of this life. Experience the powerful and transformative technology of Kundalini Yoga & Meditation, working on a deep level in mind, body, spirit so that we can connect with the grace and wisdom of our soul.


Week 1: Finding Your Ground : Coping with Change

In this class we will work with the earth element through the digestion system and the first chakra. Together we will practice the Kriya for Disease Resistance to build the immune system and promote robust health and heartiness.

Meditation to Tranquilize the Mind


Week 2: Coming Home to Ourselves : Soul-Support & Security

By nature we are boundless in the realm of ether and through the undying soul. However, we need a firm foundation on the earth. This weeks Kriya, Foundation for Infinity, helps us to set this foundation by working primarily on the pelvic region.

This is followed by the meditation to experience the realm of infinity and boundlessness.


Week 3: Repair of the Nervous System through the power of Heart

In this weeks dynamic yoga set, we will systematically work through the heart to balance the blood and regulate the hormones. This weeks set also helps to balance our electromagnetic field so that we can experience our connection, happiness and wellbeing.

Our meditation builds on the power of the heart and our connection to the infinite.


Week 4: Strengthening the Aura

A strong aura or electromagnetic field brings stability and the power of protection. This week we will share the simple but powerful Kriya for Strengthening the Aura. When the aura is weak a person may be readily swayed by others overwhelmed by outside influences and easily emotional. The gift of a strong aura is to feel stable and secure in yourself so that you can shine and be openhearted.

The beautiful Kirtan Kriya meditation which we will practice this week has many benefits. Kirtan means “divine song“. Consistent practice of this meditation brings balance and helps us to clear the inner garbage of our subconscious minds so that we can live in joy and lightness from our true essence.


Bealtaine Offering with Mari Kennedy

May 02, 2020

When: Sunday, 3rd May @7-7,45pm

Investment: Eur8

Profits to be donated to the Simon Community and Pieta House

The wonderful Mari Kennedy will be sharing with us her deep and insightful wisdom on the Celtic Festival of Bealtaine which traditionally marked the returning of light and the beginning of Summer in Ireland. Mari will explore with us the traditions associated with Bealtaine, how our Irish ancestors celebrated this festival and how we can weave aspects of Bealtaine into our lives to help us during this challenging time.


Our Celtic ancestors held so much wisdom and were deeply connected to the land and with nature. Gaining insights and wisdoms about our Celtic ancestors and their traditions can offer us with much needed support and guidance to help us through our lives, in particular during these times of doubt and uncertainty.

The festival of Bealtaine marked the first day of Summer in Ireland and was marked as a time to really bring to fruition our ideas and aspirations which had perhaps "budded" or birthed during Spring Equinox.

About Mari Kennedy

Mari has studied Celtic wisdom and traditions for many years and holds deep knowledge on these traditions and how they can be brought into our modern lives. Mari is a consultant, coach, facilitator, yoga teacher, mentor and retreat leader at the heart of her work Mari is an activist. She activates potential and humanity as a force for good in the world. She believes at this time of flux and uncertainty we can evolve new futures and new narratives by humanising our workplaces, cultivating more humanity within ourselves and unleashing the power of shared humanity in society. She uniquely weaves masterful facilitation, developmental theory, contemporary leadership models with ancient wisdom practices into her work of personal & organisational development and social cultural transformation. For more information about Mari Kennedy, please visit

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