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After being diagnosed with arthritis in the spine at 18, Michelle was told that she would need to take a lifetime supply of strong anti-inflammatory medication and rounds of steroids. Michelle felt that taking medication long term could cause further long term problems from the side effects and ultimately not treat the underlying cause of her condition. 


Michelle spent a long time trying to discover alternate paths to medication before discovering yoga at 23. After her first class, Michelle knew instantly that yoga was the path that would help her overcome the pain and stiffness that she was suffering from. It was love at first practice! The gentle and calming movements of yoga linked with the breath have helped Michelle become overall symptom free of her condition.


Michelle also had the blessing of having amazing healers in Ireland and Australia help her.

As Michelle developed her practice, Michelle's pain reduced, she stopped taking medication and her spine became more flexible than it was when she was first diagnosed at 18.


Michelle felt drawn to become a teacher so that she could help others. Michelle trained in Costa Rica and India and started teaching in Dublin in 2017. Michelle is passionate about sharing her teachings to help as many people as possible.

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