Imbolg - New Beginnings 2020

February 02, 2020


In this workshop we will celebrate and honour Imbolg (also known as Brigid's day), the beginning of Spring in our Celtic calendar. This is a powerful time to begin to set new intentions and birth new ideas & to nourish and nurture our aspirations for this potent year of 2020.

The workshop will blend breathwork, meditation, mantras, sacred sound, yoga, poetry and deep rest. We will create space to connect to and awaken this powerful spring energy within us to birth our new ideas and intentions for the year ahead. 


We will also work with and connect to Goddess Brigid to help us let go of the clouds and obstacles, the habits and hurt that may block our ability to receive all that is already ours. We will work on the foundations of the first chakra, the fire of our committment in the solar plexus and the self compassion of our hearts to nurture our capacity to receive and be our true selves : healthy, happy and whole / holy.


Call of the Beloved

February 14, 2020

On this special theme of Love – we are called to witness the fragrance of devotion, to honour our hearts and to cherish the oneness of all creation as manifested in our loved ones or loved ones to be.


In this workshop we will share practices for developing self love and opening the heart. Working on the heart chakra we can consciously remove any blocks that we may have carried here to allow loving feelings to flow in our lives.


Together we will also share a powerful prayerful meditation for attracting our soul mate (if we are still searching), and for healing the men in our lives.


We can awaken to the calling of our souls for divine Love and elevate our intentions.


When the heart gets into prayer, every beat of the heart creates a miracle

Yogi Bhajan

Yoga and Wellness Day, Sandymount

March 01, 2020

Are you looking for some timeout and replenishment for yourself? This day is perfect for you! The day will blend a mix of yoga styles, meditation, relaxation and education on wellness to provide you with a day of deep nourishment and restoration. "Connecting to the heart energy to cultivate compassion and love for oneself and others".

We will start the day with a morning flow, followed by a meditation to integrate the benefits of the yoga practice. The yoga class will be designed for all levels. The benefits of the yoga class will be to increase energy levels, encourage flexibility and mobility and develop core strength. The meditation will be designed to anchor and calm the mind with the intention to bring about a sense of feeling grounded and centered for the day.

In the afternoon, there will be a blend of kundalini with Sharon Ní Chuilibín and yin and restorative with sacred sound designed to nourish your nervous system, encourage the flow of kundalini energy into the body to replenish the body and bring you into a deep state of rest and relaxation for the yoga nidra (deep yogic sleep) at the end of the day.

The day will run from 11am-5pm on Sunday, 1st March at the Chapel of Ease in Irishtown and the cost is EUR70. 

All profits generated from this day will go towards supporting the Christina Noble Children's Foundation.

For booking please visit the bookings page or contact Michelle (0834110011 or with any questions.


Yin, Poetry and Sacred Sound

March 15, 2020

This beautiful blend of yin, poetry and sacred sound is designed to delve deep into the body and unravel the layers that may be holding tension, tightness, stress, stories or memories that are no longer serving the body or mind. We will journey together through yin yoga, holding poses for two to three minutes to dissolve through the muscles and connective tissue of the bodies to release what needs to be released in a safe and nurturing space. We will use poetry and sacred sound to journey deeper into the body and help us dissolve layers to allow us to journey deeper into ourselves.

The sacred sound vibrations will be healing, soothing and comforting for the body and encourages deeper release and rest.


The workshop will focus on themes of loving kindness, forgiveness, compassion and release. We will also use poetries and stories to convey messages to help assist in releasing further those stories or emotions that no longer serve you and to nourish those parts of ourselves that have been neglected or forgotten about.


This workshop is designed to be deeply healing and restorative and the space will be an intimate setting for eight women. Bookings in advance are essential.

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